All Hotel Guests Must Be 13 Years of Age or Older

The Spa at The Inn

Give us your tired, your sore, your broken spirits, and let us rejuvenate their souls

The Spa At The Inn offers a haven of relaxation and bliss, enveloped by the charm and bliss of a bygone era.  The opulent ambiance, adorned with intricate details and timeless elegance, sets the stage for indulgent treatments tailored to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.  Make a day of The Spa, followed by lunch or dinner at The Saint.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to high demand, we suggest making spa and restaurant reservations upon booking your room to help ensure availability.  Call 225-635-6502 to book. 

Skin Care

Osmosis Signature Facial - 50 Minute $235
Rooted in ritualized results, this treatment inspires natural beauty and holistic skin nourishment while improving suppleness and skin health. The skin is left feeling rejuvenated and resilient. This decadent service is suitable for all skin types.

Osmosis Facial Infusion - 50 Minute $250
This facial encourages healthy collagen manufacturing and provides a specific form of Vitamin A, Retinaldehyde, that works with the skin to promote cellular turnover. The RevitaPen Pro enhances this treatment by creating microchannels to further advance nutrients into the skin. Reduce multiple signs of aging without causing harm, irritation, or sun sensitivity.

Men’s Essential Facial - 50 Minute $235
A tailored experience for men featuring a relaxing scalp, face, and neck massage. This is a
deep cleansing treatment that includes a Vitamin A infusion that improves collagen production
and will leave the skin refreshed and hydrated.

Acne Corrective Facial - 50 Minute $225
This treatment inspires the skin to detox impurities and control blemishes. A thorough skin analysis utilizing an advanced skin mapping technique is performed to identify potential contributing factors. Light extractions are performed followed by a Vitamin A Infusion resulting in a noticeably clearer complexion. This skin clarifying, results inspired treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially acneic and problematic skin.

Green Envee Signature Facial - 50 Minute $195
Bringing nature and science together with high potency herbs, bioactive essential oils, wild and organic ingredients to achieve visual results. After rejuvenating the complexion with gentle skin smoothing enzymes, a therapeutic oil blend of Ashwagandha Root and Frankincense Resin is used to stimulate collagen production achieving a restored youthful appearance. This treatment concludes with a relaxing Ayurvedic massage with marma point therapy - promoting inner peace to the mind and body as well as a skin plumping hydrating treatment. Designed for the plant purist and those new to the Green Envee Experience

Brightening Facial - 50 Minute $195
This treatment inspires the skin to organically lighten, preserve natural beauty and improve elasticity. Ths illuminating treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially dull, sun-damaged skin with no down time.

Dermaplaning Facial - 50 minute $245
Treat the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, age spots, scarring, melasma, and other skin related concerns. This treatment focuses on deep exfoliation to reveal a renewed and rejuvenated complexion.


Gua Sha - $25
Gua Sha massage plays an important role in diminishing cellulite, tension and fluid retention. Applying a slow movement of pressure with our Rose Quartz Gua Sha massage tool breaks up facial adhesions which increases blood flow in the skin so that more nutrients enter the epidermis and toxins are dispersed. This luxurious, results inspired treatment is suitable for all body types.

Dermaplaning - $95
A non-invasive procedure using a medical grade scalpel to gently remove the superficial layer of dead skin and small hairs leaving the skin smoother and brighter.

Eye Treatment - $25
Reduces puffiness and dark circles using peptides to firm and protect delicate skin.

Lip Scrub - $25
Hydrates and promotes barrier health while increasing moiture retention.

Back Treatment - $25
Provides deep pore cleansing while calming and soothing blemish-prone skin.

Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork

Relaxation Massage - 60 minute $180- 90 minute $270
Uses Ayurvedic Vahati massage oils to facilitate smooth, gliding strokes over the entire body. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, reduces stress, increases dopamine and serotonin levels improving mood.

Therapeutic Massage- 60 minute $195- 90 minute $285
Entails manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to stimulate circulation, improve range of motion and decrease the negative effects of trigger points in the body. Therapeutic massage can reduce pain associated with nerve impingements and entrapments including sciatica and frozen shoulder.

Deep Tissue Massage - 60 Minute $195- 90 minute $285
This modality uses deeper pressure by the therapist than one would experience during a Swedish Massage. Deep tissue massage increases blood flow in the lymphatic system, releases muscle tension and restores balance.

Maternity Massage - 60 Minute $180
Therapy specifically tailored for the expectant mother’s needs. It is also called pre-natal massage. This massage is performed with the guest propped rather than flat and in side lying positions with a body pillow. Pregnancy massage can improve circulation and promote relaxation.

Bliss for Two Massage - 60 minute $370 - 90 minute $540
Share the experience with custom massages in our couples’ suite with aromatherapy service.

Vishnu - 60 Minute $360
Two therapists perform choreographed massage in tandem inducing deep relaxation.


Cupping - $35
Cupping is performed during massage session to target areas increasing blood and lymph flow to areas of tension in muscle tissue also known as trigger-points. Cupping is especially beneficial to those with deep trigger points or tendonitis.


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